MV Speaker of the Year 2019

“The more one uses the power within, the more it is drawn towards the self.”

Our sparkling Goenkans participated in the event MV Speaker of the Year 2019. With their utmost proficiency, they appeared in the various facets of competitions and fruitfully achieved magnanimous honor under the theme ‘The Great Indian Fauna’.

Peshl Kumar, VIII-A, with her magnificent efforts secured the First position in the MV Speaker of the Year 2019 in the High School Champ Category.

Enlisted students successfully won the trophies for ‘Good Speakers in Panel discussion’:

  1. Arnav Gupta IV-F
  2. Pragyaan Mishra V-B

The names of the students who won ‘Online Impact Award’ are as follows:

  1. Hiya Harleen VIII-A
  2. Garvit Suneja VIII-A
  3. Krishna VIII-B