” Dream and Dedication are a Powerful Combination”

GD Goenka Public School Model Town bagged the overall Wining Position at ” JASPALIAN ARCADE 2020″ for the splendid performance in all the events in which the students had participated.


‘Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.’

Team Goenka Model Town always work together in providing the best possible Opportunities to all the students. For identifying inner capability and potential, Silver Zone Olympiad Exams have been conducted by school every year.

‘Another Feather in the cap’

Saina Jain of class 5C is proud achiever of International Silver Zone English Olympiad for the session 2019-2020. She has acquired first position as class level second State Rank and achieved third Olympiad Rank. She has also got the cash prize of ten thousands.

Indeed! The proud moment for G D GOENKA MODEL TOWN.





Great Achievement in Robotics 

Dhairya and his team won FLL North India Championship and got selected for international FLL which was held in USA (DETROIT). There they stood 8th out of 106 teams and also scored 98 out of 108. This is the first time any Indian team has scored such high marks at World Festival.


Click here Youtube Link Showcasing his new projects which include EV3 programming using  various types of motors / gears and sensors.



MV Speaker of the Year 2019

“The more one uses the power within, the more it is drawn towards the self.”

Our sparkling Goenkans participated in the event MV Speaker of the Year 2019. With their utmost proficiency, they appeared in the various facets of competitions and fruitfully achieved magnanimous honor under the theme ‘The Great Indian Fauna’.

Peshl Kumar, VIII-A, with her magnificent efforts secured the First position in the MV Speaker of the Year 2019 in the High School Champ Category.

Enlisted students successfully won the trophies for ‘Good Speakers in Panel discussion’:

  1. Arnav Gupta IV-F
  2. Pragyaan Mishra V-B

The names of the students who won ‘Online Impact Award’ are as follows:

  1. Hiya Harleen VIII-A
  2. Garvit Suneja VIII-A
  3. Krishna VIII-B