Peer Education

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Peer Education

The third peer educator workshop was held on 21st July at National Science Auditorium Pragati Maidan .The topic was “Preventing Substance Abuse and Allied High Risk Behaviour”. The students were divided into seven groups and given different topics on Drugs. They were asked to make charts, posters, role play, talk show and skits on drugs and their harmful effects. The difference between medicines, drugs and substance abuse was discussed. The various ways in which the youth gets trapped in this vicious cycle and the harmful effects on our society were discussed. The students learnt the various ways of saying ‘NO” and avoid peer pressure from friends.

Similar workshops are conducted regularly for the students at school. The educators conduct such workshops back at school so that all the students are benefitted. A circle time was conducted with class XI on the topic “Importance of Discipline”. Similarly “Anger and Conflict Management” workshops were conducted by the peer educators in VII C, IX B  and VI B .The peer educators presented skits showing various conflict situations and showed how to handle such situations. The students also shared the various situations that make them angry. The students were counseled and asked to handle these stress situations in a better way.