Special Assemblies

Special Assembly Schedule -2016-17

Sno House/ Dept Date Day Theme
1 Radhakrishnan 13.04.16 Wednesday Baisakhi
2 English Deptt 23.04.16 Saturday Shakespere Day -English Week 
3 Tagore 13.07.16 Wednesday World Population Day
4 Class XI and XII 15.07.16 Friday Investiture Ceremony*
5 Teresa  12.08.16 Friday Independence day
6 Vivekananda 05.09.16 Monday Teacher's day
7 Hindi Deptt 14.09.16 Wednesday Hindi Day Assembly
8 Radhakrishnan 04.10.16 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti 
9 MUN Club 25.10.16 Tuesday UN Day
10 Radhakrishnan 28.10.16 Friday Diwali
11 Teachers 11.11.16 Friday Children's Day
12 Maths Dept. 21.12.16 Wednesday National Maths Day
13 Teresa 23.12.16 Friday Christmas
14 Vivekananda 25.01.17 Wednesday Republic Day

Gandhi Jayanti and Vijaydashmi Assembly

On 4rth October,2016, Radha Krishnan house students presented a special assembly on "Gandhi Jayanti and Vijayadashmi". The Assembly started by praying to almighty for blessings followed by a small skit on non violence.  The assembly moved ahead with a beautiful song and finally a dance performace by the students that left the audidence in a festive mood of Vijaydashmi. The assembly concluded with the motivational words of our honourable Principal Ma'am.

Diwali Assembly by Goenkans

The assembly commenced with warm and sparkling welcome was given to Principal ma’am , teachers and to all the students.

Lightning of diyas was done by some students along with some teachers . Th Assembly started with blessings of almighty followed by importance of Diwali and celebrating it in a user friendly manner. The entire assembly focussed on the "No carcker diwali" and promotion of green diwali. The assebly made the festive mood come up by a melodious song and a mesmerising dance performance by the students. The assembly was concluded by blessing of Principal Ma'am.

‘Shakespeare Day’ assembly

‘Shakespeare Day’ assembly was conducted on Saturday, 23rd April,2016 as a part of English Week. To commemorate Shakespeare’s Birth and Death anniversary the assembly focused on Shakespeare’s brilliant characters and his writing style. Goenkans portrayed various characters and soliloquies from Shakespeare’s famous plays like Hamlet and Macbeth. The audience was awestruck with the students’ enactment of Antony’s speech from “Julius Caesar’ and ‘Macbeth’. The assembly was able to capture the true essence of Shakespeare’s genius and his sonnets revived the whole theme.

Baisakhi Assembly

A special assembly was conducted by Radhakrishnan House on 13th April,2016, Wednesday, to mark the significance of and celebration of ‘Baisakhi’. It is one of the most joyous festival of India. The assembly started with a prayer beautifully sung  by the choir group who leaded the school. It was followed by an inspirational thought and news. To create awareness amongst thestudents, amazing and unknown facts about this festival were shared by the students of class IX- Saumya and Avleen. Monologues were spoken and presented before the school by the young Goenkans of class V where they focused on the importance of this festival amongst the Sikhs and the peasants. A beautiful poem in Punjabi language was recited by Nishtha Seth of class IX. The assembly came to an end with a scintillating dance performance portraying the significance and celebration of this cheerful festival. All the students participated with a lot of zeal and vigour and wholeheartedly gave their contribution. Principal Ma’am delivered her words of wisdom and also wished the students on this festival.

World Population Day Assembly

On 13.7.16,  Tagore House organised an assembly on the topic ‘World Population Day’. The assembly was compeered by Anshika Kaur and Tushita. They apprised the students about the effects and repercussions of growing population. The assembly commenced with the choir group singing hymn for the almighty. It was progressed by the news updates by Naman Jain and Aryan Arora. Sanat Narang enlightened the students with the Thought of the Day .Daksh Bhasin gave speech on how we can utilize population as a positive resource. Nimish Virmani, Shivangi Singh and Rupali Goel sang Michael Jackson’s song ‘We are the World’ which emphasized that this time the whole world is disturbed and there is no peace. The message of the song was to make us believe in ourselves that we can’t fail and we can make the world a better place.

The assembly moved ahead with the teacher’s talk followed by our honourable Principal Ma’am’s words of wisdom.  The Student Council results were declared in the end.