Departmental Weeks

English Week

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness,

  and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

G.D. Goenka Public School celebrated English Week from 19th April 2016 to 23rd April 2016. Gamuts of activities were organized during the week, focus of which was holistic development and to kindle children’s interest in English literature and language. The theme centered on the ‘Great Bard’ Shakespeare to commemorate his birth and death anniversary.

Our young learners of class II made little hearts showcasing their talents and interests. Students of class III, IV and V displayed their genius through story narration with props and incidents.

Our class VI Goenkans donned the cap of reporters and interviewed famous celebrities from the field of politics, business and scientists. Young Goenkans of class VII and VII portrayed their intellectual creativity, originality of ideas and imaginative side through a Wall Magazine on the topic ‘Make in India’ and ‘Youth: Their Role Today.’

Author’s meet was also conducted for the students and the Bestsellers were discussed to capture the interests of our young and engaging learners.

Class 9 and 10 hailed slogans on “Books: Reflection of Emotions“ wherein they reflected their thoughts on importance of books and how aptly they depict human emotions. Classes XI and XII participated in a talk show on the current debatable topic Reservation.

The week culminated with the ‘Shakespeare Assembly’ on 23rd April, 2016.