Bookland Saga- Primary wing Annual Presentation

We all are aware that in the 21st century in our children’s lives books have taken a back seat whereas the electronic gadgets are more important. Thus, in an endeavour to realize the importance of books in a child’s life, G.D. Goenka Model Town involved all its students of Classes III, IV and V in ‘The Bookland Saga’. It was a display of dance, music and melody and an expression of creativity and imagination.

The event began with the School Musical Band playing melodious tunes to welcome the guests. Dr. Pratibha Jolly, Principal, Miranda House graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Ms. Bharti Sharma, Director, Academics G.D. Goenka Group and Mr. Bajaj, Director Finance, G.D. Goenka Group were amongst the other distinguished guests.

Keeping in tune with the enthusiasm and spirit of Christmas, the mellifluous Carol reverberated in the air. The students dressed as different books and their characters pleaded earnestly to all to read books and parents to support students for the same. The ‘Saga’ portrayed the callous attitude of the children towards books and not paying heed to what parents say and the retaliation of the books at such neglect. Students, through the enactment of distinct legendary characters from various fairy-tales and folklores like Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, Akbar and Birbal and Red Riding Hood, made the present generation realize their worth and timeless virtues. The message was put forth wonderfully through drama and dance. It also had a Bollywood Tadka through a ‘Quawali’.

The Chief Guest applauded the efforts of the students and teachers and also praised the thought behind the show as motivating children to read books is the need of the hour.

Principal Ms. Rima C. Ailawadi invited all the guests for the release of the School Newsletter, ‘The Goenkan Communique’, which is a wonderful textual and pictorial presentation of the different activities performed by the students and the achievements in the running session. Ms. Bharti Sharma commended the efforts put in for making the Newsletter. Overall the show was successful to cast a mark on everybody’s mind for the Love of Books.