2016 - 17

  • G.D. Goenka Public School is a proud recipient of "THE OUTSTANDING AWARD" from Generation Global.

  • Goenkans prove themselves again.

    G.D. Goenka Public School Model Town turns up to be ALL INDIA RUNNERS UP in CBSE National Science Exhibition 2018

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Mock Fire Drill

The Fire Department conducted a `Mock Fire Drill’ in the school premises on Friday, 22nd April, 2016. Mr. Sharma,IPS,  Fire station officer and his team conducted an evacuation drill and a fire fighting exercise . The students were told about the different kinds of fire and the appropriate extinguisher to be used. The students  were given a chance to handle the extinguishers and water jets.

The students were addressed by the Mr. Sharma. He spoke about the need for such drills and the seriousness required in its conduct. 

The natural calamities are unforeseen events and awareness & preparedness will certainly help us in mitigating such disasters.

We believe that such sensitization drill can in some ways help in mitigating the disaster.

Car Free Day - Our Green Endeavor

With an increasing number of cars taking over the Delhi roads and the deteriorating state of public transport, Goenkans could do with some change. On 22nd January, 2016, Goenkan team of students of classes VII and X went on a "Car Free Day" drive to mark a car free day from University Metro Station to Chhatrasal Stadium. An initiative by G.D.Goenka Public School, Model Town to control the city’s air pollution levels. A green initiative to make the people aware about the increasing levels of pollution and steps to reduce the same was another feather in the cap of Goenka.

Astronomy Day - 2016

ASTRONOMY DAY is culmination of SPACE Astronomy club, where the club students get a platform to showcase their learning through club activities. While preparing for Astronomy day, students enhance their life skills such as Management, Organizational, Leadership, Scientific Temperament, Presentation, Decision Making and Logical Reasoning. The event was planned and executed by club students, with support and guidance from SPACE Educators and the school coordinator, thereby increasing their confidence and communication skills.

On May 03, 2016, SPACE club Module 1 and Module 2 students of G. D. Goenka Public School, Model Town, celebrated ASTRONOMY DAY in the school. A total of 14 activities were organized by the students. Many students, teachers and guests attended the event. Some of the activities conducted were:

HYDRO ROCKETRY: The students in the audience enjoyed the launch as they were amazed to see a model hydro-rocket flying in their school premises and appreciated the application of laws of motion.

COMET KITCHEN: Through this activity, the students learnt the definition, parts, size, content etc. of a comet. The audience was excited to see the comet and they were amazed to see the simple process of comet making.

LUNAR CRATER MAKING In this activity, students in the audience got to make craters on a replica of the surface of the Moon, which had all the lunar features like Mare, Regolith and Terrene.

TIME AND DIRECTIONS: In this activity, the club students explained time-tracking as well as finding directions using ancient tools such as Sundials and gnomon stick to the audience.

TATTOO MAKING: In this activity, SPACE club students made ASTRONOMY tattoos on the hands of a few students who came to participate in the ASTRONOMY DAY.

Other activities like Stellarium, Selfie station with astronaut and an alien, photo exhibition, balancing the ball, catch the meteors, Movie screening and quiz, Safe solar observation and Refractor Telescope were also conducted on account of Astronomy Day.

The event was well appreciated by the parents, students, teachers and the school management. It was a great success.

Science Week-2016

GD Goenka Public School Model Town celebrated the “International Year of Pulses- 2016” by organizing Science week from 7th to 13th July. The theme of school information boards was Importance of pulses in our life and soil enrichment. A number of individual and group activities were organized during the week.

The junior section learnt how to make nutritious salads and snacks with pulses and discovered the health benefits from these food sources. The senior students prepared models and charts on Sustainable Agriculture, Green city and Eco-friendly techniques in farming. These innovative and informative models were exhibited in the school premises for all the students and teachers to perceive and learn. An inter-house skit competition on Sustainable Development was also organized. The students talked about the hardships faced by farmers and ways to resolve them at various levels through these thought provoking skits.

Students learnt the magic of science through some fun activities like “Magic show using scientific principles and “Dressing up as an eminent scientist”.  These fun filled activities were especially organized to make science lucid and enriching for all the students.  The students and teachers actively participated in the activities to make it a success.     

Youth Parliament

On 27th July, 2016, 51st Youth Parliament competition was conducted by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The event was judged by the reputed panel of judges .

The judges were:

1, Shri. R.C. Mohanty (Youth Parliament)

2. Mr. Bratein Sengupta, Ex- MP from Rajya Sabha

3. Ms. Savidha Mohan, Section Officer (Youth Parliament)

49 students participated in the competition from classes IX- XI. This event was an eye opener for students about working of Parliament.


Matilda - A musical show

In this 21st century where electronic gadgets rule the student’s life and books have taken a back seat, G D Goenka, Model Town proved how the world of books and novels is ‘magical’ and intriguing. Thus, in an endeavor to cultivate reading among the students, the school decided to bring alive the magical world of ‘Roald Dahl’ in its annual event for classes 4th and 5th with its famous and most read novel named, Matilda.  Around 230 students participated to put up a spectacular show. The annual event Musical Matilda turned out to be an intricate expression of creativity, imagination with the blend of music and dance.

Principal, Ms Rima Ailawadi and the Members of the management committee lit the lamp and graced the occasion. The Principal highlighted the laurels and accolades of the Goenkans in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas and discussed about the importance of being dynamic and proactive in this century with an open arena of numerous career options. The coordinator ,Ms Inderpreet motivated the parents to support their child’s dream and ambition in whatsoever condition.

The ‘Musical Matilda’ spread the message that if one does not believe in magic, one can never find it. The word magic was synonym to a child’s talents, uniqueness, dreams and his will. The students of classes IV and V left the parents awestruck with their confidence and dialogue delivery.

The Goenkans danced to the beat of Michael Jackson and spread infectious smile while inspiring others and making them believe in their uniqueness, generosity like glittering diamond. The ‘Musical Matilda’ was a splendid amalgamation of creative expressions through carols, group dances and songs.

Goenkan Gully

The much awaited G.D. Goenka Public School, Model Town, “Cultural Gully…. Transcending boundaries” was held on 24th December’ 2016 in the school premises keeping afloat the spirit of world…. One Global family.

The evening began with unveiling of the stalls which celebrated diversity showcasing the rich culture and heritage of India and on the other side the western countries were seen in all their splendor. A very special segment catering to the interest of children was the creative corner including hair beading, tattoo, and the Christmas theme was highlighted.

The evening commenced with lighting of the lamp followed by the foot tapping performance of the rock band of the school, vibrancy of India and the western countries was conceptualized through folk dances that captivated the audience. The fashion show added great elan, as the students walked the ramp with grace and poise. The street plays featuring demonetization, technology and Swacch Bharat were the highlight of the day. The catchy phrases and songs, crisp script full of kilt and humor had lasting and powerful effect on the viewers.

Young students carrying forward the message of the hon’ble Prime Minister was truly a visual treat. The confidence of the primary students was impressive.

The Principal Rima C. Ailawadi presented the annual report of the school alongwith the future plans of the school to the parent community.