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Beautification & Landscaping of Metro Pillars

Beautification and Landscaping of Metro Pillars

By G D Goenka Public School Model Town


The School has continually been making efforts to contribute fruitfully to promote sustainability. As an Educational Institution the school has not only made sincere endeavor to create awareness to urge all to join hands to create a proactive responsible community but has taken substantial initiatives in this regard. The school has broadened the spectrum of shared learning through Metro Pillars.


The Management along with the Principal Ms. Rima Ailawadi,Staff and the students unveiled the Metro Pillars Number 7,12 and 32 on the Model Town Metro Line on 4th July2019.


The task of Beautification and Methodology of landscaping the Metro Pillars, undertaken by the institution has an ecological side to it and goes in sync with the school’s ideology of conservation of our Environment.


It hopefully will secure Holistic Reading by people to integrative solutions that address our socio-economic, environmental and nationalist concerns. The core intent is to compel the readers to think beyond beautification of the Metro Pillars and ignite their thought process and find solutions to create a better and beautiful environment.



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