Online Virtual e-MUN 2021

“The only impossible journey is that we never begin”

Indeed, halfway into the New Year battling the various mutations of the Corona virus, facing health crisis, economic crisis and wave of Geopolitical aggression we are pushed to evolve a New World Order.
This post Corona Era will it be different? Questions of the possible new structure of governance and society lurk in our minds. The health services in each country need to improvise and strengthen itself. These endless doubts and questions of societal tapestry need the voice and action of youth. Model United Nations is a forum that endeavors to make simulations more accurate and support UN values as well as Sustainable Development Goals.

Novus Ordo Seclorum – the Theme of the GDG eMUN, 2021 encapsulates the remedial memorandums being thought for the New Normal by varied segments of government and other stake holders all across different countries.

The influential role of Media sincerely requires to be understood
with our time……courage to act and recreate. The Body Achieves
that which the Mind Believes….