Learning experiences are like journeys  and  the end of the journey is not knowing more, it is doing something novel. A platform where reason, imagination and interest are engaged is, indeed a true Learning Experience. Workshops for the students and the faculty are a ritual as progressive Learning Curve is essential in this VUCA World.

Through hands-on participation, structured reflection, and modeling through practice, participants develop their understanding of theory and pedagogy through application of the Experiential Learning cycle. Keeping in mind the cross-influence w.r.t a child’s cognitive, social and emotional learning in a heterogeneous classroom, the workshops organized by the school are interactive, activity and case driven

SEC (School Enterprise Challenge)

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

 The First offline Flagship three-day event (2022-2023) – the Tycoon Odyssey was organised by Team SEC students of grade XII. The Tycoon Odyssey organized by the School Enterprise Challenge is an informative program for the students to cultivate business and life skills wherein they create business plans and promotion activities to launch and promote various products ranging from keychains, notebooks, customised diaries, mugs, T-shirts  to portable fans and organisers The students got a brilliant opportunity to broaden their horizons, step out of their classroom setting, learn from real-life situations and develop their entrepreneurship skills.

They started by developing, procuring, promoting, and delivering the orders ,they collected of their products, all within the school premises. Their efforts were well rewarded as they were met by enthusiastic students who supported and loved all the products. The event turned out to be a resounding success. A lot of young talented entrepreneurs were discovered as they shined bright during this event.

As they say, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”, our students guided by the faculty made every drop count and were able to generate a generous amount, the proceeds, which will be contributed towards the Community Outreach Programs.