“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – a famous proverb well entrenched in our minds since childhood. 

It is widely accepted that extracurricular activities are the best way of developing an individual’s personality and trimming down mental stress. A child can improve his/ her skills and enhance their confidence level.

At Goenka, we firmly believe that textual studies are a part of the full development of a child and therefore we provide a spectrum of activities. The main thrust of activities here are planned and executed to promote the holistic development of the students. 

International Worker’s Day

“A worker is a creator and a great asset to the nation.”

GD Goenka celebrated International worker’s Day, in which students of Grade 1 were inculcated the importance of workers and how they contribute in our day to day life. The day was celebrated among our little munchkins to encourage and support the hardwork and achievement of the workers all around us. They prepared cards for the nannies and gave them with love and respect. Thus, a special day was celebrated to appreciate and recognize their contribution to the society and extend their gratitude towards the workers as they are always well deserved.

Mother’s Day Celebration

“Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.”

Of all the bonds we share during our lifetime, the most special one is the one that we have with our mothers! A mother selflessly fulfills all our desires and cares for us till her last breath. “Mother’s Day”, a day especially dedicated to cherish motherhood, was celebrated with great elation at G.D.Goenka Public School,Model Town. On this occasion, little goenkians engaged in a series of activities which were organized to honor the most sacrificing and loving souls. They participated wholeheartedly in this celebration. The day started with the discussion and thought sharing by the students about celebration of this special day, later followed by beautiful Mother’s Day card making by our little munchkins. And the celebration concluded with children sharing their heart-warming feelings which filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement for their mothers.
All in all it was an enjoyable and memorable day for each and every child which left a positive mark on the innocent hearts.

 Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April to demonstrate support for environment protection.

The official theme of Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet keeping that in mind lets take a pledge to protect and preserve our planet, and empower individuals with information and tools to make an impact and drive change.


Olympiad Result (Grade-III )

The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. Heartiest congratulations to all our young position holders. Sharing the glimpses for the same. Click here for results                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Olympiad Result (Grade-I )

The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. We are glad to inform the result for grade I Silver zone Olympiad. Heartiest congratulations to all our young position holders. Sharing the glimpses for the same.

Solar System ( Grade-I) 

The solar system was explained to the students of grade-I. 3D model of the solar system was shown to them through which they understood the positions of the eight different planets. Modules were played on the smart board which was thoroughly enjoyed by them. 


Astronomy ( Grade-III)

Students of grade 3 did muscle endurance test and tested whether they are strong enough to be an astronaut. They watched a video on spacewalk in which they understood about lives of astronaut .critical thinking and motor skills were enhanced.

Celebrated National Science Day ( Grade-II)

Students of grade 2 celebrated National science day by doing an interesting activity.They were given word search activity sheets.They found words related to astronomy. The experience was fun learning and students learnt new words.Critical thinking and scientific temperament were enhanced.

Animal Friends ( Grade-II)

students draw Animals like giraffe,Swan, Monkey,Rooster and Cow with the help of numbers 1to5 by following the instruction shown on the module.They also didi the colouring in the animals.They enjoyed the activity of drawing the animals with full zeal and enthusiasm.

 “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art”.

Flameless Cooking was held by the students of grade III in GD Goenka Public School, Model Town where the little Goenkans illuminated the importance of nutrition and health through their creative recipes. Budding chefs had put forward their innovations through their dishes. Mouth watering custard, perfectly layered sandwiches, wholesome and refreshing salads and the list is endless! Appetising dishes were prepared by these skilled chefs.

The aim of the competition was to provide a platform for students to showcase their culinary skills. It was a treat to watch students turning into amazing Master Chefs. 

Goenkan Shopping Mart ( Grade-I)

Grade 1 students learned the concept of money. A shopping mart was created for them where they bought things through different denominations of money. They were able to learn the value of money. The response was overwhelming

Roman Number (Grade-I)

The student of grade 1 have learnt the concept of Roman Number through an activity using paper stripes .Each child participated enthusiastically and the response was overwhelming. They took the activity as the take away craft. 

Sharing a few  glimpse of the same.


The children of GRADE 2 were explained about their planet Earth.They made a craft by doing hand printing activity and showed the pieces of land and water on the planet-Earth.Discussion on how to save this planet was taken up in the class and children wrote the same in their notebook.

Basant Panchmi ( Grade-II)

Basant Panchami was Celebrated in school with full zeal and enthusiasm.Making of a flower was done in the class for same. Students were able to understand aim and importance of festival by giving answer of the following questions, in form of quiz taken innthe class.

Which goddess is worshipped as the goddess of learning,wisdom, knowledge and fine arts.

What is the customary colour of Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami is observed in which season.

Basant Panchmi ( Grade-I)

Students of grade 1  enjoyed celebrating the religious festival named “Basant Panchmi “.They learned the  significance of the festival  Moreover, they made a bunch of flowers to bestow on the goddess ‘ Saraswati ji ‘i.e goddess of wisdom.

Lung Capacity Test (Grade-III)

Students of grade 3 did the activity can you be an astronaut in which they performed lung capacity test. They were a timer in which they moved chits from 1 bowl to another with the help of straw.Motor skills and critical thinking skills were developed

Astronomy (Grade-III)

Students of grade 3 did star decor activity in which… they learnt about our star. Why the shape is spherical and decorated a star with the help of decorative material. Creative skills and motor skills were developed

Astronomy (Grade- II)

Students of grade 2 learnt about magical thing-binoculars.They were told a story about two children Annie and james who had went for jungle safari.They got to know about binoculars and learnt how it can help us to see things which are very far away from us.

Tricks and pranks ( Grade-I)

Tricks and pranks activity was conducted in grade 1, children wrote secret message on a sheet of paper using turmeric root .Lemon juice was applied on it using paint brush.children enjoyed the activity with full enthusiasm as the secret message appeared on the paper

Republic Day Craft-CAP (Grade-II)

Students of Grade 2 made a tricolour cap related to Republic Day.They were happy to wear this cap to express their love for the Nation.Feeling of patriotism was inculcated amongst them.Students from different sections of Grade 2 enlightened their friends about Republic Day. They shared the importance and how the national festival is celebrated. It was indeed a learning session for all.Many questions were discussed with them related to the topic like-

When was India declared a republic nation?

What is a Constitution?

Who wrote the Constitution of India?

How is Republic Day Celebrated ?

Tri-colour Cap making (Grade-I)

Republic Day is celebrated all over India on 26th January. Grade 1 students conducted the Tri-colour Cap making activity. They learnt the importance

of the tri-coloured flag of India.

Different Phase of Moon (Grade-II )

The students of GRADE 2 were briefed about different phases of the Moon.The activity was done on a black sheet where they were asked to label and paste the different shapes related to the phases of the Moon using silver sheet.

शब्द रेल ( Grade I )

शब्द रेल activity was conducted in grade I . Children revised all the matras done in the class. Pictures cards were given to them in order to bring clarity and understanding.

Astronomy Grade-II

Special Friday. Students of grade 2 learnt about the solar system and did the head gear activity in which they drew  solar system on a piece of paper and weared like it a crown the whole day.. Students learnt how to draw planets and colors of all the planets.. Students enjoyed the activity time a lot.. motor skills and creative skills were enhanced and the facts related to planets were also learnt. They watched a movie and understood about the size of sun and moon.

Republic Day (Grade-II)

On the Important occasion of Republic Day,the students of Grade 2 made a beautiful craft depicting the tricolour.They learnt more about the significance of this national festival and how it is celebrated nation-wide.

Earth making craft ( grade 1)

Grade 1 students  performed an activity on the topic ” Earth” . They learned that two-third part of the Earth is covered with water and rest is land with the help of Earbud impression .They also learned about the shape of Earth.

Clock Making (Grade II)

The Concept of Clock was introduced by drawing the clock and labelling it’s all parts. Various parts to remember were also written as follows:-

1 day=24 hours   1 hours= 60 minutes   1 minutes=60 seconds 

Half an hour=30 minutes Quarter an hour=15minutes

Clock was made using origami sheet by the students, real watch was shown to make the concept more clear.

Clock Making (Grade I)

Clock making activity was conducted in grade I.  Children learnt O’ Clock. They made the clock on their own using origami sheets and wrote their play time in evening. They also learnt the “value of time” in our daily lives. 

Astronomy (Grade 3) 

Students of grade 3 learnt about zero gravity. They understood that space is having no gravity.They also did an activity in which they imagined zero gravity in their class and drew all the floating things in the class..

Astronomy ( Grade 2 )

Students of grade 2 did the activity discovering the skies.They understood about our planet Earth and its protective blanket -the atmosphere.. They also learnt about space and distinguished various things which can be found in the zones.Creative and motor skills were developed.Students were happy and enthusiastically learnt annew concept.

Joy to the World      

(Christmas Presentation by Grade I)

Holistic development caters to learning with multiple styles. Students of Grade I celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ where they showcased through the presentation their stage talent as per their ability and interest involving Music, Dance and theatre skill.

In this presentation, ‘Joy to the World’ each child presented themselves according to their interest on stage and performed to the beats of rhythmic melody.

Stress is a choice so is Peace

“More smiling,less worrying

More compassion,less judgement

More blessed, less stressed.”

Students of Grade III presented a class presentation on Stress Management, “Stress is a choice so is Peace” where they come together to mesmerize everyone with their confidence and charisma.

School days are the most important phase for a child’s emotional development. It’s when the child builds his/her confidence and self-esteem. Stage exposure will not only enhance child’s creative expression but also self-esteem and interpretation- all of which can go a long way in empowering them.

Life is full of hassles,deadlines,frustration and demands but adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.