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G D Goenka , Model Town is a co-educational secondary school.

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  • In aware of earthquake in Nepal & India, evacuation drill was conducted to reinforce safe exit. Each child in school was made aware of the exit movement, so at 11:10 am the alarm bell rang, each class ran towards the exit direction to reach the open area.


  •  The team of ‘scrap-work’ was awarded with the third prize for their creative work by ITIHAAS group on occasion of "WORLD HERITAGE DAY" at RED FORT on 18th April 2015.

  • A Special assembly on Earth Day was conducted on 22nd April 2015. Students of Class II presented a poem on Earth Day and apprise the importance of saving environment. Students applied their creativity in making posters and slogans on Earth Day.

  • A special assembly was conducted on 15th April 2015 to celebrate Baisakhi (Harvesting Festival).It started with a beautiful thought followed by a mesmerizing skit on Khalsa Panth apprising the importance of festival. A beautiful performance by the dance group added a feather to the cap. 

  • Our first 'Achievers Day ' was celebrated on  17th July'2015, where in the scholastic and co-scholastic achievers were awarded.

  • Six students of Std. IX and X attended the three days conference organized by Model United Nation held at G.D.Goenka , Vasant Kunj. Our school participated as delegates of Czech Republic in different UN committees. 

  • It was an enriching experience  for the teachers of English Department to attend a three days workshop on "Active Learning in Literacy Classrooms" at American Centre, New Delhi from 21 May,2015 to 23 May,2015.

  • Students of class VI - X celebrated Math Week from 8th July ,2015 - 10th July , 2015 believing that mathematics is a language of science and engineering.

  • To keep the eminence and splendor and to bestow honours on the newly elected Student Council, the school observed its Investiture Ceremony on 24th July, 2015. The occasion was graced by Chief Guest, Col. Pankaj Chaturvedi.

From Principal’s Desk

  • Rima C.Ailawadi

    "If my school was a shape I would take a prism , then you can shine through it and see all the colors of CHILDHOOD "

    No feeling is permanent. There is constant oscillation between the positive and the negative. The canvas of school life is full of diverse hues of expressions and emotions. Amidst this diversity we strive to understand and mould the child to develop multiple intelligence.

    Raising and chiseling a thinking child is balancing enquiry with advocacy which helps child climb up the ladder of influence with its own thinking process. To achieve this, instead of transmitting the skills and values, we follow the generative model where learning is both about content and process. The retention and understanding thus paves way for value based quality education.

    Let us together create pathways for our children connecting local to global.

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