Goenkan Administrators explored the benefits of Solar Power for schools and therefore, multiple Solar Panels have been installed not only to offset monthly utility bills but to present a great teaching opportunity that can enrich classroom content with real world examples of benefits of Renewable Energy. This is the Goenkan Green Step.

The School has also installed Rain Harvesting Tanks which are regularly cleaned and the water is used for watering plants and the Play Zone Area. Another step taken by Goenkan Administrators to address the Sustainable Development challenges.

Biodiversity Day

“Biodiversity is the way so don’t let nature go astray”

The International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated each year on 22 May, a date in our calendar dedicated to raising global awareness about the importance of protecting biological resources and the global biodiversity that shapes our environment— not only the various species of plants, animals and microorganisms around us, but also the genetic diversity of each of them, as well as the great variety of ecosystems that make up our planet. With a view to generate awareness on biodiversity issues and help students to understand the importance of biodiversity we at G.D Goenka Public School Model Town conducted interactive activities. In class 3, the students made mask of their favourite animal as well as wrote few facts about it. In class 2, the students drew picture of their favourite animal and wrote two lines about it. Our first grader also made posters on save tiger and wrote slogans for the same. Students understood the importance of biodiversity and the ways to protect it.To create more awareness about the issues a video was shown to them.Students enjoyed the activity and understood the value of plants and animals very well through activities.

Paper Waste Drive

GD GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL MODEL TOWN has proudly undertaken a drive on PAPER WASTE under Sustainable Development Goals, whose core objectives are to implement the idea of Recycling the paper waste that is generated on daily basis. The school succeeded with flying colors to achieve its mission which is to collect waste paper and put it into the recycling process.

We believe that it is the responsibility of each one of us to give back to the environment that has nurtured us, hence to take forward the same idea the environmental enthusiasts of our school, as a part of Waste Paper Drive, participated in various activities to enact the 3R’s of action i.e. REALISE , RISE AND REACT .
Various activities like waste paper ramp walk and talk show, newspaper painting, paper waste recycled product, Waste Paper Collection Drive, Vaad-Vivaad – Kagaj Bachao, Ped Bachao, Paper Waste Recycle Awareness campaign were conducted to sensitize and create awareness among the people about the importance and need of recycling and make it an integrated part of our lives.

Plant A Sapling Drive
Say No To Single Use Plastic
Initiatave GREEN DIWALI  
E-Waste Awareness
Save Water
Van Mahotsav

WORLD TIGER DAY: ‘Do Not Let It Get Extinct’

Feeding the Birds is also the form of prayer

Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Eco Warriors

Solar Panel
Water Harvesting