Psychology Lab

Psychology lab plays a vital role in enhancing the educational experience, fostering skills and
provides experiential learning and facilitates the students of classes XI and XII to conduct experiments and practical tests which ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject and its applications. The students familiarize themselves with various psychological tests like Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices, Maudsley Personality Inventory, Self-concept questionnaire, Sinha’s anxiety scale and obtain practical skills in their administration, scoring and interpretation.
This is also a counselling centre for students where they can discuss about emotional and motivational well being.
This dedicated space encourages children to engage in tasks that mirror real-world scenarios, allowing researchers to closely monitor their actions, reactions, and interactions. It serves as a dynamic testing ground for assessing developmental milestones, cognitive growth, and social behaviours.
The resources are carefully chosen to encourage several parts of a child’s development, from communication and emotional expression to problem-solving and fine motor abilities.